RAIN OR SHINE, Cash Only. NO personal checks or credit cards are accepted, Child Under 6: FREE – must be accompanied with adult.



Sorry, we do not have an amateur racing program on pro national weekend. The long-running “NESC Invitational” is the chance for amateurs to run with many pros using the week off to brush up their sand skills. This race is Sunday June 5th. It is a regular NESC race except you may find a top 10 pro pitting next to out of a van or pickup truck.

Round Three of the AMA US Motocross Championship comes from the “Sands of Southwick.” The series’ only “pure” sand race, Southwick’s soft track surface brings out the best sand riders in the world. Always something exciting happening at Southwick, in recent years the track has favored local riders such as you. So, the track definitely favors the riders who have the most sand experience. Southwick, known for its beautiful rolling hills and wooded setting, is also one of the most photographed tracks on the circuit as the bikes kick up a giant plume of sand – called “roost” – when they race by. An excellent subject for photos with the blasting sand showing motion in the still photograph. The sand also makes for an ever-shifting track, with ruts and bumps quickly forming after one lap around the nicely groomed track. Southwick, without a doubt, it one of the more difficult race tracks anywhere.